So you’ve read some stuff on here, and you’re interested, and you think it’d be fun to contribute (plus it’s a great excuse to set up a game). How can you help?

1. Download these tables to keep stats on games (it’s a .doc file).  Settlers Tables
2. Play a game of Settlers of Catan. Please don’t play with any expansion packs.
3. Keep stats throughout the game. Here’s a little walk-through of how I keep stats:

Starting Resources
This is keeping track of how each person starts the game. If my first settlement placement is on a 6 wheat, 4 ore, 5 ore, than I simply mark a 6 under the wheat, and 4,5 under ore. It’s pretty intuitive. Make sure you remember to mark down which numbers are on which resource.

Secondary Resources
This is what people move to. An new settlement after the first two need to be marked down in the same way.

City Development
Any time a settlement is upgraded to a city, mark down which resources are effected and which numbers are capitalized. Also, remember to add it into the Total Cities column. I’d like to keep track of how many cities a winner has on average as well.

Every time someone buys a development card, add 1 to the Dev Card column. Every time someone gets robbed (when they lose half of their cards on a 7, not the actual stealing from each other), add 1 to the Robbed column. Any time someone settles onto a port, mark it down by adding 1 to either port column.

Victory Points
Keep track of who has points in from longest road, largest army, regular points on the board (from settlements and cities) and at the very end, any “Hidden Points” (from Development Cards).

Finally, keep track of who placed where. This is going to answer the age-old question of which position is best to start in.

4. E-mail your results to me. Don’t forget to attach the spreadsheet.

Thanks a lot for contributing!

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