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Profile on Catan Online World

I love playing Settlers with my friends. It’s a great social game, and I don’t have to convince anybody who is actually taking the time to read a blog about Settlers strategy why. I also play Settlers online. If you go to and sign up for an account, you can download a little application that hosts Settlers games. The Basic Game is free, and there is an option to pay for the Seafarers and Cities & Knights expansions.

So here’s the deal: I’ve recently dedicated a new profile for playing games for the blog. I like playing personal games under my own username, but I decided that it would be a good idea to separate my own play from the games I play for observation here. This way, I can attach some fun screenshots, and maybe even interact with some of you that frequent the Catan Online World.

So, if you haven’t already downloaded the Catan Online World and registered for an account, go ahead and do that here.

If you’re already on there (or once you sign up), add me as a friend. My name is DevelopingCatan (I believe that it’s case sensitive), and if you see me online, let’s play!


Games and Economics

  1. I’ve always been interested in board games. I’ve played them all of my life, and Settlers of Catan has been a longtime favourite game.
  2. I’ve always been interested in economics. I’ve investigated it almost all of my life, and Settlers of Catan has been a longtime favourite subject.

I’m currently researching and optimizing strategies for Settlers of Catan, or, as I like to call it, developing Settlers Game Theory. Read more…

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